——————2015 (dates are under construction)——————



March: National Sleep Awareness Week, sponsored by the National Sleep Foundation


March: Daylight Saving Time begins.

thCA7JQPHPThis weekend, when we lose an hour of sleep, is traditionally a time when the number of drowsy-driving accidents is much higher. For at least the whole week after the clocks spring forward, our bodies are still adjusting.

Please take care and plan ahead! Look for timely information on our Facebook page, and please SHARE and LIKE this information.


Throughout the year: Look for us at large and local dog events, mainly agility, some flyball, and some other events. We will be accepting donations, distributing free materials, including decals, and selling a variety of items for LTRA fundraising, including wrist bands, fun novelty pens, and magnets with our logo. We will also have ABLE libraries available for exhibitors to use to select audio books for their drives to and from the event each day and for their drives home. If you would like to help us by becoming a librarian, please let us know.


April 1: 14th anniversary of the drowsy-driving accident that took Jane Callaghy’s life in 2001



October: USDAA Nationals in Tennessee


November: National Drowsy Driving Awareness Week, sponsored by the National Sleep Foundation





Featured dog: Phire, loved by Jacky Mento